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My Get Poor Quick Scheme

Until the Super Bowl is over, I’m on a football jaunt. Just like writing about parenting, it can be exclusive and boring, so I appreciate you making it this far. Since I’m at such a rudimentary level in my sports’ education, it won’t be too hard to follow along. If this sounds like I’m over-explaining things, please don’t feel insulted. It’s just where I’m at.  Right now, I’m working on my betting picks for this weekend’s playoff games. I like to pick parlays, which means I predict a few things will happen. If one of those things goes awry, the whole thing is a bust. The greatest benefit of winning these isn’t the money; it’s that when I’m right, my children think I’m psychic. They grow out of believing Santa is watching them, then enter a teenage nihilistic phase where they no longer think God is watching, but if they fear their mother has a secret crystal ball, they may think twice about lighting up that doobie in Madison’s basement. This weekend, Pittsburgh’s beloved Steelers are p

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