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Kutt Funny

A company bought the domain "katfunny" and redirected it to their website.  I would literally rather change my name than buy it back from them.  So I did. Eventually, I just settled on adding an extra "t" to "Katt".  Here were a bunch of other options though: 1.)  Now this one is sweet:   Kàt Funny Their land is cold, but their hearts are warm.   2.  Ooo!  Now it's getting interesting... Kät Funny Technically not untrue... 3.)  ...and a little kinky: Köt Funny It's like Google Translate is a window into my soul.   4.)  Yep, that sounds about right.  Kåt Funny Get the lutefisk- grandma's got the vapours!   5.)  Although this one is more grammatically accurate:   Kåta Funny And I'm not even in a bikini! 6.)  Things make different sounds when they fall in a country of area rugs:   Küt Funny Things that go "plump" in the night. 7.)  And, obviously:    Kut Funny