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The Akattemy Award: Best Actor

Marlon Brando used to be my favorite actor.  Then Erik Nicolaisen tied with him as my favorite.  Then I saw this commercial : Press this  link. This is me laughing so hard that I fell off the futon:   It's official:  Erik Nicolaisen, you are my favorite actor.  1996.  Erik defied jock stereotypes by being not only the coolest guy in school, but also the kindest.  

Poppies on the Outside, Opiates on the Inside

This is seriously the most comfortable shirt I've ever worn in my life, and this is coming from someone who works in her pajamas.  I tried to get all the letters, but my boobs weren't cooperating, This is the first shirt.  There was a tear in the collar, so I sent a snarky email wanting a refund, and the response I got referred to my email as something an angry customer would send K-Mart.  For some reason, that's one of the funniest things I've heard in my life.  But, behind the laughter, I felt terrible.  I would rather slit my throat than be mean.   Another shirt was sent, and now that I'm stuck at home recovering from knee surgery, I just rotate the two.  You didn't know that I had knee surgery?  Yeah, almost one did.  I hate being taken care of.   Besides, the only thing I really need at this point are hugs.  So far, I've had two today, so I'm good.  I've been working on being more physically affectionate in the past few months, lea