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Why People Are Obsessed With Their Kids

Just a few years ago, I convinced myself that if I ever had kids, I wouldn’t talk about them incessantly. The universe abounds with other topics, many of which won’t thoughtlessly annoy people who don’t (or can’t) have kids.   Then I had them and learned that those fascinating topics are still out there, I just can’t access them because my brain is mush. No one warned me that they do that. In fact, a lot of things were left out:  They : Once you give birth, you’ll forget all about the pain.  Me : I’ll make them pay. They : Take time to play with your kids and enjoy them.  Me : I don’t enjoy playing with my kids. Their games are dumb, and the three year old criticizes my sand building.  They : Take lots of pictures! Me : They stole my phone.  They : Write down the cute things they say. Me : I don’t even write down the cute things I say.  They : No screen-time . Me : I’m not firing the iNanny.  They : Don’t yell at them. Then they won’t listen if you need to yell.  Me