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Pissed Pissedofferson

Here is a list of things to never, ever say to people: To the heartbroken: -You'll meet someone! (Really, you know this?  You're a clairvoyant elder?  Then tell me when.) -What a jerk!  (Umm...there's probably a reason why there's heartache and not cheering.) -You have plenty of time!  (Perhaps on your timeline). To the grieving: -It'll be okay!  (REALLY????  FANTASTIC!!) -It could've been worse...(It also could've been better.) -So and so has it worse.  (Now I have two sads.) To those commenting on me watching Saturday Night Live: - ...not like back when it was good! Thoughtless Things People Have Actually Said to Me -When I was too stressed and lost a lot of weight: "Just 10 more pounds to go!" -When I got lithium poisoning: "You're looking great!  Whatever you're doing, keep it up!" -When I got down to my healthy, natural weight:   "So you have about 30lbs left to lose?"