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Sexy Pregnant Teenagers

I'm curious to see if my profile views will increase with this blog post title.  Here's a picture of my sister Carolyn and her dog Pivo playing doggie dentist.  I hear other families play Scrabble.  "I'm going to need you to hold still and ignore the fireworks and thunderstorm."

"Ewww! He's Eating the Vomit!"

Here's a drunk story...  Many years ago I projectile vomited on a friend during a party, then cleaned it up and kept talking to him like nothing had happened.   Later that same night, I went outside to talk to a neighbor and vomited in the bushes, then, once again, continued talking as though nothing had happened.  The dog came over to eat the vomit and the neighbor said, "Ewww...he's eating the vomit."  I just shrugged it off, like she was overreacting.   My drinking only got worse after that, and I didn't get sober until four years later.