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I Prefer Black Schtick

CAUTION:  THIS IS ABOUT MY DAD'S DEATH, SO IT IS ALSO SAD.  My dad died eight years ago today.  He had a heart attack, hung out in his brain dead body for a week, then was transferred back to his place so that he could die at home.   At 6:55pm, my brother said, "That's weird, there's a hawk just walking around on the ground outside.  I've never seen them do that before."  I looked over, and it was a few feet away, pacing outside the patio doors.  Then it stopped and looked at us.   Behind me, I heard my dad's partner Dawn yell "No! No! NO!"  I turned my head, and saw brown stuff coming out of his mouth.  That was the first time I saw that amazing phenomenon of death, where my own father transformed into a stranger before my eyes. Later, I asked a Native American about the hawk, and she said, "Yep, messenger of the soul."  My dad was Cherokee. Despite my dad having an IQ of 148 and piles of certifications and degrees, he still