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O' Tenenbaum

A memoirist is basically selling themselves- like prostitutes, only less exercise...possibly worse listening skills.  I n becoming the product, I'm developing a trademark style, not only in my writing, but in other parts of my life.   Here's what I have so far: Favorite   Color:  Red  Book:  To Kill a Mockingbird Poet:  Langston Hughes Actor:   Erik Nicolaisen Song:  " Blackbird " (The Beatles) Guitarist:   Mark Knopfler Food:  Pizza Flavor:  Strawberry Spice:  Dill Animal:  Otter Flower:  Red Poppy Gemstone:  Red Diamond Movie Character :   Margot Tenebaum Summer of '99 in Germany; I was the original Margot Tenenbaum I wear bangs because I think they make me look younger.  I have shitty nails.  The constant typing keeps my nails filed down and polish chipped. On Christmas Eve around midnight, I put on "It's a Wonderful Life" alone and see how long it takes until I'm bawling.  Sometimes I dress up as an elf.  That