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Ten Minutes of Conversation with Mom on the Patio while Trying to Write

(These quotes aren't in order.  But they very well could be.)   * Mom :  Why do you need financial aid for school?  What for? Me :  I don't quite know how to answer that without saying, "Duh." * Mom :  Like, do you need tuition?  Living expenses? Me :   I basically just want that big bill on the table from PSU paid. * Mom :  Blah blah blah... (going on about the Ducks game.) Me:   (quiet for three seconds.) Mom :  I knew you didn't care. * Mom :  Have you heard from...(insert friend's name)?   Me :  Not in awhile. Mom :  Oh.  That's too bad.  Their loss. Me :  Why do you assume that if I haven't heard from someone, I'm being rejected. Mom :  I don't know.   * Mom:   (talking to the dog)  I wish you would tell me when you'd die.  Then I'd know whether or not I should get your teeth cleaned. * Mom :  I'm sick of people.  And their things.  They always have thing