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Nancy Bergeson

Nancy, our longtime friend, was recently found strangled to death in her house.  There were U.S. Marshals at her memorial service because she was a public defender for the federal government.  Ironically, she was perhaps the best advocate for her own murderer. I saved a letter she wrote me when I was in high school because it was so special.  Here's an excerpt (dated April 21st, 1997): One of the things I like the best about you is your total openness.  You have an amazing ability to naturally and comfortably relate to people, even old fogies like me.  You speak your truth in a simultaneously mature and yet innocent way.  It's an awesome combination, and best of all, it's totally sincere and spontaneous.  You also have great energy.  It's contagious and you are a kick to be around.   She ended the letter with: In short, I like you tons, you're a pro, and a totally righteous and awesome human being.  And as we used to say way back in the 60's-         

My Awesome Diet

After thirty, they come with ostrich feathers.   Yesterday I ate split pea soup and a brownie sandwich (it was a sandwich because I put cream cheese between two brownies).   The day before that, I ate a pepperoni pizza and a batch of brownies. Before that I ate...crap.   Fuck you food pyramid.