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Wiki-Hair 2: Getting Some Trim, Baby

Out of picture:  tight jeans with nut-sack tucked to the side.    I cut my hair again.   I couldn't find any decent scissors so I used the ones in the kitchen mom uses to cut through chicken fat.  Now I look like a 70's pornographer.  Not an actor though...more like the assistant director of lighting.  Or the boom mike operator.    

It's Worth Admitting I Shop at Ross to Post This...

Of course I shop at Ross.  How else do you think I afford my assorted skorts and jeggings?    It's the Lenton season in the Eastern Orthodox Church which means abstaining from meat, dairy, eggs, fish, wine, oil, sexual intercourse, and so on.  When I tell people, they say, "Giving up sex?  That'd be too difficult for me!"...but it's actually pretty easy when you're eating bean soup all the time and no one wants to be around you.