November 10, 2009

Things I Do Well

When I say "Slip into something more comfortable"...I mean footie pajamas.  You cornhusking simpleton. 

*Use grammar decently
*Look cute in pajamas
*Pick friends
*Listen to boring stories
*Pack lunches
*Eat crap
*Memorize boring details
*Remember trivia about the Yankees 
*Lower expectations
*Take the dog out
*Not sleep
*Make salads
*Cake eating contests
*Closet an addiction for almost 9 years.
*Chain smoke

Things I Do Like Shit

*Eat healthy
*Not swear in front of kids
*Pay bills
*Clean my room
*Find my pilates arm band
*Send Christmas cards
*Defend my political views
*Healthy romantic relationships
*Not overreact
*Wait patiently
*Cut brownies