Arm Pittsburgh

Jason helped me move out to Pittsburgh last year in the middle of summer, when I was nearing my third trimester. He showed up with a bad case of pneumonia, which he blames on my getting him a plane ticket that rerouted him through Newark. Unbeknown to me, it's the armpit of America, and what I saved on the airfare, I ended up paying more than three times that when I forced Jason into urgent care. By that point, we and our Budget rental truck had made it to Livingston, Montana. Despite there being about twelve people in that city, our wait to see the doctor was suprisingly long.

Our next stop was Billings. I went to the store to get Jason soup and popsicles, and when I returned, he sent me back out for watermelon. To this day, he credits watermelon with saving his life while I credit Katt with saving his life. 

This was the first time I had driven across the country, and I'm still torn between thinking it was a great trip or the vacation from hell. For my pregnancy, I went off ADHD meds and down to a low dose of Wellbutrin. Both of them suppress the appetite to a degree, so when I went off of them, I ballooned up. Outside the window of our drive was the beautiful heartland, and inside, I was physically uncomfortable and having a hard time sitting still. Jason was at death's door, so he wasn't chatty. This was the second week we had spent together in person (the first week being February's baby making wild booty adventure).
Papa Jason & Baby Zach