Save The Date: February 30th

When I was in my twenties, I would buy bridal magazines and plan my future wedding. If you lost me at Costco, I could probably be found by the jewelry case looking at rings. Planning this special day brought me great joy and hope.

Cut to the future; now I'm 38 and have been engaged for almost a year. Jason put a ring in my Christmas stocking, then took it back to get it sized because it was too small for my sausage finger. It's still a bit snug, but at least I can get it on and off. Six years ago, my mom got me a ring for Christmas, and after a three day ham binge, I had to get it cut off at the ER. Those were dark days.
Men like a girl with hands that can handle a plow. 
All I've done so far is pick bridesmaids, play on Pinterest, and create an email and PayPal account specifically for the wedding. Then I sat back and waited for my mom to plan and pay for it like she did with my siblings. So far I haven't succeeded in raising her from the dead, but I did suss out some deep-rooted jealousy. Hooray for character building.