Missed Approach

Zach reached the important milestone of being able to take off his pants and leave them in the middle of the floor. 
Things I miss since this little energy robber came along:

1.) Binge watching whatever I want. Now it's whatever Zach wants. Stupid Wiggles.
2.) Eating whatever I want, or doing whatever fad diet piqued my interest. Breastfeeding prevents that, and I'm constantly hungry, thirsty, and not losing the baby weight.
3.) Playing on my phone in the bathroom.
4.) Not knowing the Gummy Bear Song.
5.) Neatness, tidiness, and cleanliness. I used to fear poop, and I was okay with that.
6.) Being able to focus on a project instead of being interrupted every five minutes.
7.) My two-seater red convertible, Alvin.
8.) Only having to pay for one person when I go out.
9.) Not having to compromise.
10.) Not having to share.