The Katt's Pajamas

I've been thinking about making Katt Funny merchandise for awhile now.  It's time to get my face out there more.  Here are some ideas I've been playing with:

1.  The Katt Funny Tee-Shirt Collection:
"What's black and white and red all over?"
You just want to move that strand of hair out of place, don't you. 
 2.  In honor of being from Portland, Oregon, the Katt Funny Hoodie Collection:
The classy, formalwear hoodie
The Unisexual Hoodie
 3.  That Katt Funny Men's Workout Tank-Top:
Which is the closest I'll ever get to working out.  
4.  The Katt Funny Sleepwear Collection:
"Hzz Shoo..mememememe"

To be followed by the...

5.  The Katt Funny Morning Face Collection:
"Have I had my coffee yet?  Does it fucking look like it?!"