The Katt Funny Tag

Your grandmother called it the "number sign".
Your mother calls it the "pound key".
Your teenager is calling it the "hashtag".  

Personally, I call it "capital three".  That's because to write it with a keyboard, it's shift plus the number three.

The purpose of a hashtag is to label and connect things online.  Like, everyone interested in discussing poop would make the hashtag #poop, and then they'd be connected to the same page.

Make sense?  If not, you know, there is Google.  Just saying.

As I'm working on rewriting the memoir from five years ago, I've been pandering my ass online in order to create an audience.  A few months ago, I came across hashtag games, which are a brilliant way to not only show off my goods, but to connect with others in writing and comedy.

For a description of hashtag games, The Huffington Post gives a good explanation.

I started my own game called "The Katt Funny Tag" in order to get my name and face out there more.  So far, the only prize has been my praise.  My next step is to show them off in a blog post...because that's also free.

Here are some posters advertising the tag: