Love Cruise

When it was time to go to bed, Andy and I would call it "Cruisin' for a Snoozin'".  

I just found a love letter I wrote him while he was sleeping, and I know it's a love letter because that's how I addressed it in the subject line.  

It's dated January 16th, 2003:

Dear Andy,

Good morning!  It's a bit past 6am, and I still can't sleep.  I woke up around 3am and was wide awake.  It's too chilly in the house during the night.  My feet are purple.

You look so snuggly right now, and you smell good.  (Next to this is a drawing of him looking snuggly.)  I keep kissing your head.  Thank you for driving me to work every day.  Sorry I ruined dinner last night.  I wanted to make it special too.  (Frowny face.)...

I'm being good.  I want to wake you up so that I can play with you.  Why do our jobs exhaust us so much?  This isn't any way to live life....

How come you can sleep through the night so well?  You just rolled over and smiled and kissed me.  I told you I was writing you a love letter, and you said, "Okay."  Then a few seconds later said, "Awww..."

You're so beautiful.  Even your breath smells good.  

I can't find the rest of the letter, but here is the drawing of him looking snuggly: