The Playmate of Humphrey

My mom just moved from the West Hills home she owned for over thirty years.  It's on Humphrey, in the Bridlemile school district.  Now, it's filled with kids, but back in the 80's, it was the Ribbon Candy District, and grandchildren visiting for the summer were stuck with me as their only playmate option. 

For a few years, there was a cute, good-natured redhead my age who lived down the street.  She was great with crafts, especially puff paints.  Eventually she and her puff paints moved closer to Bridlemile, and the ego-centric part of me wonders if it was so that she had more options in playmates.  

Her house was very modern and clean, with blue poles and grey knotted rugs.  Ours had beautiful pine floors that were usually dirty.  It's not that we were lazy- quite the opposite.  We were in school and played sports, and my older sister and parents were in school and working.  Sacrifices had to be made, like clean floors, and remembering to pick me up from soccer practice.  

Here's a list of the people who grew up in the Adams' House: 

Me:  35yrs  (neglected middle child)
Chris: +14yrs (technically 1/2 sister)
Scott: +2.5yrs
Carolyn: -6yrs
Mom:  +30yrs
Dad:  +34yrs  (deceased)

It feels violating that other people will be living in the house I grew up in.   

Which one am I?  I'm the one asking the security guard at the mall to page "Linda Adams".