I'm Not Much of a Blog Post Title Comer-Upper-Wither

I'm so glad my high school didn't have a debate team.  When people try to argue with me, I either say, "You make a good point." or  I throw something.  If I can't throw something (like there are witnesses nearby), I start to fall asleep in my apathy cocoon.  I'm just not an arguer.

I'm also not much of an advice dispenser.  How do I know what's best for someone else?  Sometimes people will ask me directly for advice but usually they don't actually want advice.  They want someone to listen to them and support whatever decision they choose.

I'm also not much of an "authority figure".  Like, if the dog wants to eat the garbage, I say, "Well, that makes sense.  I bet it smells delicious."  Or if a kid wants cookies for lunch, I think, "Yay!  So do I!"  Then when their parents tell them "no", I inform them that being an adult is awesome because I can do whatever the fuck I want.