Frau Butterworth

Back when I lived with Liza in 1930's Berlin...
That's me at 20 years old.  This picture was taken at one of my notorious "pimp n' ho" parties in  Germany.  I am only 20something for another 40 minutes or so.  Instead of dressing like a prostitute, I plan on wearing pink sweatshirts with kittens on them, denim jeans with a nine inch zipper and elastic waist band, white keds decorated with puff paints...oh yeah, and scrunchies.  Scrunchies galore.   

     Earlier today, I put Smart Balance spread on my pancakes and covered them with sugar-free maple syrup.  As soon as my mom reminded me it's my birthday tomorrow, I cried out, "What am I doing!?" and grabbed the butter and Mrs. Butterworths.  I'm still invincible till midnight.